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Always helping

Thank you so much for helping Daisy through sunshine.

Feel part of the family

Both my children have loved thir time at the Ark. All the ladies have made me and my kids part of their family, I am glad we all don’t have to say bye yet.

A big thank you

Favourite place to be

To everyone at The Ark,

Neve has loved been at the Ark. It is her Fav place to come and play. She wants to thank you all for always been there for her and supporting her in everything! She will miss you all lots & lots.


Learning new things

My favourite memory at nursery is meeting new people and staff and learning lots of new things. Thank you for helping me with everything I will miss you.

Zara, Bryonie and Robert

loved every minute.. the extra mile taken

Thank you for everything ladies, we will miss you all so much. By some miracle, George has still managed to have an amazing time through everything he’s loved every minute. Special thanks to Katie for always going the extra mile and of course Emma and Lauren.

Georges faves!

Helpful Staff

Ace has loved being at the Ark and has made lots of friends.

The staff are so helpful

Making people smile

Kian has had a wonderful time and will miss everyone here at The Ark, Kian’s favourite memory is making everyone smile

Grown because of your guidance

To the ladies at The Ark, Oliver has grown so much in himself as a result of your guidance.

He has made some strong bonds and I know he’s going to miss you all so much.

Thank you so much for being a park of his journey & growth.

Mum, Dad & Oliver will miss you!

Made great friends

Keira is so happy she came to The Ark because it helped her meet lots of great friends, like Oki

She has really come out of herself

Poppy loved playing outside and betting big cuddles off her teachers 🙂 The Ark has made her come out in herself and we are sad to be leaving.

Thank you to all the staff at the Ark Poppy will miss you all