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Second family

I think The Ark is the best one that you can choose from Scunthorpe. I saw more than 5 nursery before I can choose and I don’t regretted my decision. My girls they always run to go inside, the food is great because my girls they are not hungry when i pick them up. Both of my girls, almost 4 and almost 2 years they start to speak so long phrases despite that they know 2 languages. They have a lot of activities you will be fed up with all the pictures that you have on the tapestry website and also all the things that you will receive at home. You will have what to show them when they will grow up, a lots of memories. The staff are very friendly with you and if you have some problems they will easily find a way to collaborate with you so you are doing the best for your kids. I don’t think that you can stop saying good things about The Ark childcare. Anyway my girls they feel like it’s the second family there. Thanks!

Security is very good

My Grandson loves the Ark and everyone in it he’s very popular and loves playing he has learnt a lot and is learning more each day he has met a lot of friends and all the Staff spoil him the Staff are all helpful and chat a lot when picking him up, any problems they will tell me I’ve had no issues with anything will be sad when he leaves, there is a lot of activities toys books paper to pain/draw space to play etc I would recommend any child to go there as they are safe n well looked after .. security is very good too no getting in or out without a member of Staff noticing well-done Staff Keep the good Wk up.

Come on leaps and bounds

The Ark has done amazing things with my little girl. Since starting the ark she has come on leaps and bounds and I can tell how much she adores all the staff. I really struggled with her meals before she started and the staff went out of their way to encourage her to eat different foods and now she is great at eating. Her development since being here is amazing and I will be forever grateful to every single one of them. Thank you for being so amazing and giving my little one a home from home environment and a second family:)

Always comes home smiling

My little girl loves it at the ark nursery, she’s never gone in crying as the staff make it really comfortable and fun for her, and she always comes home smiling and always eager to go again, they do an amazing job and that makes me happy.

My girl absolutely loves the Ark

My girl absolutely loves the Ark and had done from day one of going, she only goes one day a week but gets so excited when I say it’s nursery day, all the girls are lovely and she’s always had a good day when she has been , I would highly recommend and my newborn will be going in a few years and hopefully loves it just as much xx

Staff are friendly and approachable

My little girls been going since she was 1 years old, she loves going to the ark nursery. She’s asks everyday if she’s going. All staff are friendly and approachable. Staff keep you updated with daily activities and your child’s development and how us as parents can be encouraging learning at home too. Having tapestry is a lovely touch too as you get to see your child developing and achieving their milestones. I’ll be sad the day she leaves the ark.

Definitely recommend

My little girl loves going to the ark, whenever I drop her off she just walks in without looking back, this tells me how amazing the staff are and that she knows it’s an enjoyable place to be. Communication is perfect, all staff are easy to talk to and the updates we get on the tapestry system with pictures and EYFS markings keeps you fully updated on your child’s day and progress.
Definitely recommend

10 out of 10

Our grandson loves going to the ark … he settled in within a week of starting and the staff are so friendly and helpful. the communication is excellent and it is a happy environment for any child to be in. we highly recommend the ark and would give the setting 10 out of 10. Very happy with our grandsons progress x


My little girl loves going to The Ark. The staff are always welcoming, friendly and always happy to answer any questions you may have. They keep you well informed of how your child is developing, what activities they’ve been doing and how you can continue your child’s learning at home. The Ark is wonderful and I would highly recommend it.

Great Communication

The communication with parents is fantastic I always know what my child has eaten if they have napped and what activities they have done. The ark is a very clean happy environment and I am confident leaving my
child in their care. The staff are never too busy to explain things and
answer any questions you may have. My child loves coming to the ark and I would highly recommend this nursery.