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My girls love going to The Ark

The staff are amazing and want the best for the children they teach. The children are very well cared for and all
government guidelines are followed. They do so many activities with the girls and have got to know their capabilities and where they can help in improving their skills. Very happy.

Jack and Abigail

I would recommend The Ark to anyone who wants to know their children are looked after well. Mine are happy to go here and its even harder to get them to leave when its time to go home!

Great atmosphere, both my children attend The Ark

quite and shy until he started going to The Ark..

My boy has been going to the ark from about 15 months old. He was a very quite and shy boy until he started going to The Ark he has come out of his self learnt numbers, colours, shapes, what objects are and talks in full sentences. He has made loads of friends he loves going there. All the staff are brilliant very caring and friendly.

I made the right choice of sending him to The Ark.

My Son

My son has attended The Ark for over 6 years now. He made lots of friends and came out his shell a lot. He learnt how to hold a pen and write his name before he left to go to school all the staff members was all very caring towards my son, and to me if I needed any help with my son. I would recommend The Ark to anybody with children.

Happy Son

I had to return to work when my son was 6 months old, this was a hard choice for me. I visited several nursery around the area which had been recommended to me or I had heard good things about, but none of these felt like a place I wanted to leave my son for different reasons.

I rang The Ark family centre who were helpful and asked if  I would like to pop in and see what I thought. I was very impressed with the staff, their knowledge and their interested in each child as an individual. At that point I was still breast feeding and wanted somewhere that would cup feed my son. They were very willing to learn and accommodate what I needed.

My son is now nearly 4 and I have talked on many occasions to the staff I feel that I am listen to and my thoughts and concerns are valued.

He loves going to The Ark Family Centre, and has now moved onto school, which was a big step change, but he still loves the out of school and holiday the club.